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Out target release date for the 1st Play-Along “Kenny’s Choice” is now the middle of Sept. 2012.

I would like to thank all the Pre-Order fans for their patients and understanding.

This 1st CD “Kenny’s Choice” will feature songs Kenny has chosen that he knows you will love to play.

“Kenny’s Choice” Songs:   Sax-O-Loco - G Bop - Forever In Love - Brazil - Songbird - Malibu Dreams - East Side Jam - Ocean Breeze - Paradise - Sentimental

The 1st CD will again feature selections by Kenny from all his CD’s so you will have a very rounded selection to have fun playing.

(Release Early August 2012)

The 2nd CD will be the Holiday CD featuring beloved Holiday Songs that you can take to Parties, play in Church and/or just play them for your family and friends during the Holiday season.  Or if you’re like me and don’t want anyone to hear you... just play them at home for your own pleasure.

(Release Early August 2012)

The 3rd CD is a ballad CD with great songs of romance and inspiration.

(Release Early February 2013 in time for Valentines Day)

Sheet Music will be provided for:

C instruments (Violins, Pianos, C-Melody Saxophones, Flutes etc.) 
B-Flat instruments (Soprano Saxophones, Tenor Saxophones, Clarinets, Trumpets, Bass Clarinets etc.)

E-Flat instruments (Alto Saxophones, Baritone Saxophones, E-Flat Soprano & Alto Clarinets etc)

What is a Play-Along CD?

The Play-Along Cd is basically the backgrounds to the songs Kenny has made famous over his career.  They are designed for you to have fun but not to teach you how to play JAZZ or Pop Music.  We provide you with the Backgrounds to the Songs and Lead Sheet to the music with Chord progressions ...  then it is up to you to develop your own style of playing.  

You choose how to embellish the melody and what notes to play in the solos.   If you choose you can copy any of Kenny’s solos by ear and play along with the CD.  Mostly these CD’s are for you to have fun with and develop your own style.

We know you will enjoy playing a long with these great songs and have a lot of fun.

Pre-Order time is up on this NEW CD.

“Kenny’s Choice” Songs:  

Sax-O-Loco - G Bop - Forever In Love - Brazil - Songbird - Malibu Dreams - Eastside Jam - Ocean Breeze - Paradise Sentimental